Welcome to the Hope2Find Website
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This website is set up to raise the awareness for missing people, both children and adults.

The shocking fact is that approximately every two minutes someone is recorded as missing. This could be from a missing child in danger to a vulnerable adult who believes they have problems so bad that they cannot find a way out. They leave behind them family, friends and communities that are desperate for news on the safe whereabouts of that person.

Whilst thousands of people are looking for missing loved ones, we at hope2find have the motto: “never give up”.

We hope to find these people through promotional work and through increasing traffic to the website enabling us to reach out to a large audience. This will therefore raise the profiles of those gone missing and hopefully put them back in touch with the people who love them most.

If you need help after visiting this website, please click on the links page that will offer external help and advice from the relevant sources.